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PhillipsKidsTutoring, LLC

"Help is on the Way!"

Hello. My name is Ariane Johnson Phillips. I am the proud owner and founder of PhillipsKidsTutoring, LLC. I started PKT in 2009 with the vision of having the opportunity to provide all students with an excellent education. Through my experiences I have learned that every child is teachable. Each child has a story that is waiting to be heard. An effective educator not only learns that story, but also finds ways to educate in spite of that story. Here at PKT, we are committed to working with each individual to help him/her reach his or her fullest potential. I am confident in our ability to be an asset to your child's educational future. I look forward with anticipation to hearing from you soon to discuss the many ways in which PhillipsKidsTutoring, LLC can make a significant difference in your child's academic performance.

Ariane Johnson Phillips, M. Ed.






The mission of PhillipsKidsTutoring, LLC is to develop confident individuals who are critical thinkers, by providing a nurturing relationship and educational tools that enhance skills conducive to succeeding in academics and in life.


The vision of PhillipsKidsTutoring, LLC is to offer professional in-home academic services through a variety of innovative and creative strategies and methods that produce independent life-long learners.