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PhillipsKidsTutoring, LLC

"Help is on the Way!"

The objective of PhillipsKidsTutoring  LLC is to train and maintain a Staff who shares the Mission and Vision encompassed by the company.  Our Tutors are hired because of their love and admiration for teaching.  They enjoy the reward of helping each child they encounter. That unique quality is demonstrated in every session, making PhillipsKidsTutoring LLC's Tutors in a class of it's own!!! 

Lisa Staples-Director's Assistant/Consultant

Hello! My name is Lisa Staples and I am excited to be working with PhillipsKidsTutoring this year!  I am originally from Carmel, NY and went to college at the State University of New York at Binghamton University.  I moved to Louisiana after I graduated through the program Teach for America.  I have four years  teaching experience in Early Childhood Education.  I love working with children and seeing the growth that can be achieved over a year.  I am eager to meet new families and perspective students.

                 "Help is on the Way!"

Sylvia Johnson-Lead Tutor

Sylvia graduated from Xavier University with a BA of Science in Chemistry.She loves to read. She has tutored Math, ELA, and Science for several years. She is currently a middle school Science teacher. She believes it is an honor and privilege. Sylvia Johnson is from Savannah, Ga she graduated from Xavier University of La with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. She has tutored in Georgia and Louisiana currently. She tutor's Math, Science, and ELA. She is also a middle school science teacher. She believes it an honor and privilege to contribute to students learning experience. She loves when a student overcomes a challenged faced in their academic pursuit. She knows that working with children is a rewarding experience and takes pride in every session.

                  "Help is on the Way!"

Johann Johnson-Director of Media Relations

Johann Johnson graduated from Nicholls State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Family and Consumer Science.  She enjoys painting and spending time with family.  Johann has had experience working with children, families, and as a tutor.  Johann will keep parents and tutors updated on PKT's upcoming events, and specials, through, PKT's Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

                      "Help is on the Way!"

John D'Antoni-Tutor

Hello! John has lived in the New Orleans metro area his whole life. He graduated from the University of New Orleans with a degree in History and Education. He is currently getting his master's in Public History from UNO. He has taught elementary and high school for Jefferson Parish school system. His hobbies areinclude reading, bike riding, and learning new things. He looks forward to working with your children to be the best that they can be for this school year and beyond. 

                     "Help is on the Way!"

Aris Grivakis-Tutor

Aris graduated from the University of San Francisco and a Bachelor's in Medical Studies from the University of Queenland.  When he isn't tutoring, he enjoys writing, hiking, and leisurely studying new skills or fields.  

Aris began tutoring in high school as a peer tutor and continued on during his time as university.  He's taught all core subjects for students ranging from 1st grade to high school for nearly a decade.  While in medical school, he excelled in patient education for pathology and treatment plans.  With a wide range of students and backgrounds, Aris brings versatility and flexibility to his sessions to help ensure the lessons are understood.  Aris is an eager tutor and looks forward to helping your students.

                  "Help is on the Way!"

Sarah Fryoux-Tutor

Sarah Fryoux has been with PKT for a year now. She is a senior in accounting at Southeastern  La University. In her spare time she enjoys Reading and going to the gym. She has 8 yeras of tutoring or helping younger relatives. She look forward to working with your children this year and helping them succeed. 
                                        "Help is on the Way!"

Melinda Bradley-Tutor

Melinda graduated from Ball State University in Indiana where she studied art , photography, graphic design and German. She is an avid traveler and has taught classes as far away as Zimbabwe and Colombia. Before moving to New Orleans , Melinda was a photographer at a Children's portrait studio and loves working with children of all ages. Outside of PhillipsKidsTutoring she is an art teacher and is working on her Masters degree in Elementary Education. In her free time she enjoys gardening, working on her art, and training her dog new tricks. 

                                   "Help is on the Way!"

Larry Ford-Tutor

My name is Larry Ford Jr.  Most people refer to me as "Larry Love".  The reason  is because I operate in love.  I have been a New Orleans resident for 40 years.  I graduated from a career Magnet High School in 1995.  I have attended Delgado, S.U.N.O, and River Parish Community Colleges. I received my Associates Degree from River Parish Community College.  I have been involved in the education system for about 2 decades. I have a great passion for giving back.  My hobbies are spending time with family, New Orleans second-lines, and church.  In closing, I am excited to get started.  I love what I do and can't wait to work with my new students.

                      "Help is on the Way!"

Stephanie Batres-Tutor

Hello my name is Stephanie Batres. I presently teach kindergarten. I have experience in working with children up to 2nd grade in ELA and Math. Being the first person in my family to have English as my first language, I also aid little ones that speak Spanish to communicate well with others whom speak English. I have viewed numerous kids that could not communicate well and I'm willing and ready to help them get on board. I'm very proud to be a part of PhillipsKidsTutoring and I hope to meet you soon.

                   "Help is on the Way!"

Michele Seymour-Tutor

Michele Seymour is a life-long resident of New Orleans with nine years of experience in Education and Youth Development.  She is graduate of Loyola University New Orleans earning her Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice in 2013.  After graduating, Michel decided to pursue a career in education with a focus on reform and youth advocacy.  In 2011, she joined Literacy AmeriCorps as an English, Language Arts Instructor at the Youth Empowerment Project.  In 2012, she was promoted as a Transition Services Coordinator with YEP and has aided over 100 first-time college counseling, and academic support.  In addition, she is the Associate Director of Project Butterfly, a rites of passage program for girls of African descent.  She is an experienced presenter and has been recognized for her presentations on college and career readiness and program retention.  In her spare time, Michele loves spending time with her family, travelling, and attending Pelicans' home games.  Michele believes that education is the key to self-empowerment and is committed to helping her students celebrate their educational power.

                   "Help is on the Way!"