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PhillipsKidsTutoring, LLC

"Help is on the Way!"


PhillipsKidsTutoring, LLC is committed to helping everyone achieve academic excellent.  We understand that there are families that can utilize our services, but are facing financial hardships and cannot afford it.  Whether it's low-income, job loss, or a struggling economy PhillipsKidsTutoring would like to help.

Our Sponsor-A-Child Program was created to help us support a child in need of academic assistance. We have set a few criterias in order for a student to qualify:

  •  He/she must have a "D" average or below.
  •  His/Her parent must be willing to allow PhillipsKidsTutoring, LLC to       submit certain information about their child to the person sponsoring     the student.  For example, any progress reports, report cards,               graded assignments, school name, and child's grade.  Any personal     information such as home address and phone numbers will not be         disclosed.
  •  The student must submit an application to qualify and be willing             to verify information given.

Once the criteria has been met, then we will assess the child and provide them with the proper service needed to improve his/her academics.  A tutor will be assigned to them for a minimum of 1 month in which we will assess them again. A weekly progress report will be made available for each sponsor to track their sponsored student improvements.

Thank you for your support!!!

"Help is on the Way"