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My 2nd grader has the confidence in Math now that she did not have in the beginning of the school year. We did about 8 weeks of tutoring and at the last teacher / parent conference, I was told that my child is the one that sits and helps the other students now. Thanks to phillipskidstutoring for the patience and dedication in helping my child. New Sarpy Elementary student

Beth-Feeling Confident

"Darrence passed the LEAP!!!!! He got basic on ELA and basic on Math!!! His final grades for the school are as follows: Reading-B Language-C Math-D Social Studies-C Science-B He's passed the 4th grade. Thanks Ariane(Phillips) for your gift and tutoring Darrence!!!"

Deonnice Murphy-New Sarpy, LA

"Just wanted to say thank you for the job that are you doing with my daugther in that short amount of time. Her grades improved. We got her report card and she went up to a "C" in reading.....Thanks sooo much!!!"

Nashawn Shaw-Metairie, LA

She is AWESOME. I would call on her in my sleep if I had too! Thank you for all your help Ariane Johnson Phillips!

MasterStylist Makeova Excluzive Remyhair-Suppier-via Facebook

I am a PKT parent and am extremely pleased with my son's learning journey with PKT. His teachers have noticed a difference and so have I. We are on our second semester and recommend them to you. They are professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful. I am a supporter of PKT!

AlwaysBlessedJevon-via Facebook

My 2nd grade daughter took advantage of the summer tutoring last summer. She was always an honor roll student, but this year she has consistently maintained a 4.0 GPA. The summer tutoring has a lot to do with her success this year. (Thanks Mr. Montgomery). The main improvement that I was the most impressed with is my daughter's ability to work independently. Last year she made the honor roll (A's and B's), but it was due to hours and hours of studying. A lot of that happened after me working a 12 hour shift. This year, when I get home from work, homework and studying is already done. I only have to review with her. This is less stressful for the both of us. Thanks Phillips Kids Tutoring!

Picola Williams

2nd Grade is a Breeze

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