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Violet Stars

Online Tutoring 

PhillipsKidsTutoring has brought its Award winning services from households across Southeast Louisiana now to students in need ANYWHERE!!


We're excited about the opportunity to extend our mission and vision of teaching the "TOTAL STUDENT"! Whether adult or child PhillipsKidsTutoring is striving for academic excellence across the country, one-on-one, one child at a time!! 


Thank you for trusting us with your academic future!


"Help is on the Way...ONLINE!!"

Schedule your first session TODAY!!!!

At home online tutoring

All of our expert tutors have very unique qualities. They offer a very diverse skill set and can teach every learning style.  We carefully hand pick each and every tutor.  Our passion for teaching can be seen in every professional we hire. 

Studying on a Computer


Call or schedule your session today!!!

Scheduling an online session 

Our online services are an extension of our in-person services.  You will have a live tutor every session, every time!! Unlike other online pre-recorded services, one of our tutors will be able to assist you in real time!

You have the option to schedule sessions anytime or we can assign a permanent tutor who can become more familiar with your child's needs. It's like having his or her own personal teacher!!

Our tutors are
on stanby!

"Help is on the Way...Online!"

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